Shoot like a PRO. AK-47: features, spray, recoil
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Shoot like a PRO. AK-47: features, spray, recoil


Tapping or bursting,  or to use the spray is better? SCOPE.GG introduces you to the features of the spray from each weapon in CS:GO.

Why do you need this article?

- you will learn more about every weapon in the game, its features and tips that will help to improve your shooting techniques
- you will see the spray patterns of different weapons and will understant how to control them
- you will learn to analyze your own spray and bring it to perfection

АК-47 - your best friend and "bad daddy" for the enemy


Powerful and reliable АК-47 is most deadly when firing short and accurate bursts.


AK-47 is one of the most popular weapons in the game. This rifle is available for purchase only when playing as Ts.

This is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, which kills by one bullet in the head. Known for its damage and firing range, however, it has a significant disadvantage - high recoil level in tandem with low accuracy after several shots.

Price in the game - 2700$

АК-47 damage








Chest & Arm









Red color signifies a fatal damage


  • AK-47 can kill by even one in the head (if your enemy has a helmet).
  • It has high armor penetration.
  • It has a relatively fast reload time compared to SG-553.
  • The first bullet always hits the target.
  • Perfect at any shooting distance.
  • The first 3-5 bullets fly without any recoil.


  • It has a high recoil.
  • Heavy enough, that's why it affects the movement speed of the player (215 units per second, which is 86% of the maximum speed (max speed 250 u/s)
  • Loses in accuracy when firing spray\bursts
  • Rate of fire is lower than to other rifles.
  • Quite noisy, which allows the enemy to better hear where the shooting is from.

Units - a universal measuring entite of distance in the game

АК-47 shooting features

The best way to fire from the AK-47 is a short spray of 3-5 bullets.

Knowing that the first always flies right into the target, some players combine tapping and short sprays. A powerful first shot from AK-47 and its' deadly spray will not leave the opponent any chance at medium distances.

Efficiency of shooting at 2 rounds increases for medium and long range: the first two shots will accurately hit the opponent, and the third will go just above the scope.

At long distances , the most effective type of shooting is taping.

* Tapping  - shooting at a single bullet, the priority of which is the enemy's head.*

At close and medium distances , a short spray of 3-5 bullets is extremely useful, which will increase the chances of killing an opponent by about two.

Spray from AK-47 or how to finish shooting "clamps” to perfection

It's no secret that most players use AK-47 spray shooting most often. After all, as you know: spray - the most frequent and effective type of shooting at medium and long distances.

When spraying from an AK-47 , it is important to consider several factors: factors: range and duration of fire, as well as spread control. If we already know as much as possible about the first two, then the third one deserves special attention.

To know how to control an AK-47 spray , you need to have an understanding of the spray pattern.

*Spray pattern (eng. Spray pattern) – a specific trajectory along which bullets fly when sprayed.*

If the recoil spray pattern indicates that bullets are flying up, then you need to lower the scope lower. After that, the bullets will fly to the original point with almost 100% probability.

AK-47 Spray Pattern

The GIF above shows the flight of 30 bullets fired from the Kalash, if they are not controlled in any way and rely on luck.

Knowing the trajectory of the bullets, you can get used to move the mouse in such a way that each bullet flies directly at the enemy, and not "into the milk".

Workout sprays: from "silver” to" global”

Training the spray is important and necessary.

We have collected all the most effective ways to train and created for you a universal guide to spray training on 3 levels: beginner, experienced player, professional. Each of the levels combines several different types for maximum effectiveness in training, and you can start with absolutely any of them. And remember, hard training always leads to results!

Beginner (80 % of training sessions with bots and 20 % of training sessions with live players) + how to make a picture for each level?

Suitable for novice players

The first stage of training requires a player who positions himself as a beginner to maximize involvement in the training process, which begins with theory and universal training. “schema”:
1) learn the spray pattern
2) learn to translate at any time of the spray
3) improve different spray options (spray 2-3 bullets each, long bursts)
4) start to spray into the wall, as much as possible getting to a certain point-a landmark on the wall.

There are no difficulties in choosing a place for training here: any map and any mode is suitable. We recommend it "single player game without bots”.

Did you make it? Go to the bots! Now they will become your loyal friends on the way to the perfect spray. Here we recommend starting with the usual shooting at stationary bots. Try to spend a certain number of bullets to kill each enemy. Just a couple of hundred of these kills and you can feel your spray. Training can be varied by shooting at moving bots.

For training with bots, you can choose several map options:
1) any competitive map in the game mode "with bots”

For convenience we'll leave out some useful console commands:

sv_cheats 1-activates the ability to enter some commands for training alone
sv_infinite_ammo 2-infinite ammo with reload
sv_showimpacts 1-enables displaying
bot_add bullet tracks - adds a new bot for a random command (bot_add_ct\ bot_add_t-adds a bot for a specific command-T or CT)

2) training on special maps

Here the choice is simply huge. We recommend the Aim_botz, Recoil Master, and Training cards Center 1.5 c and many others (you can find them on the links below or in the Workshop Steam)

On each of these maps, there are a huge number of cool chips that will customize the bots and your sight for maximum convenience during training.

3) training cards from SCOPE.GG. The announcement of our universal maps is waiting for you very soon!

When training with bots, it is important to train several types of spray. You can choose training sessions for standing bots ( we recommend starting with them ), moving bots-set up the direction of movement of bots, their speed, armor, equipment , and more

Great bot training exercises are:
1) shooting at an individual enemy (1 spray = 1 opponent)
2) transfer from one opponent to another when spraying - here try not to stop the spray after killing, but simply transferred to another opponent.

3) combining spray with other types of shooting, such as taping - professionals give a universal advice in this type of exercise: try to kill one opponent with the first bullet, and the rest with the rest. "one or two more, after you've translated into them. Here it is important to hone show your skills at different distances.

The coolest video guide will be the moment when the world champion trains in CS:GO - Adren

Have you trained with bots? Go to the next component - practice with real opponents. Here, the most effective option is to play on Deathmatch servers. We recommend that you choose FFA servers where you can pick up the same AK-47 or other weapons and practice your spray in situations that are close to the game in a competitive match.

On DM, you can try several options for spray training: a regular spray on opponents in different places on the map, or "spray+positioner". And if everything is clear with the first type of training, then the second one will help you hone not only spray skills, but also positional play (which is so necessary for you in skating rinks on Faceit or in MM).

The essence of training is to spray opponents in a certain position: for example, you take a point B on Dust 2 and try not to let the enemy out of the "temki", doors or Windows with a spray. A video from XANTARES, one of the coolest aimers in the game, will help you here. Can you beat his records in this type of training.

Experienced player (40 % of training sessions with bots and 60 % of training sessions with " live players”)

Suitable for players with a good level of play

We recommend that experienced players focus on training with "live" players. The theory has been studied, now it's just a matter of small things-to hone your skills in practice.

After the exercises the “newbie” on On DM servers, you can use Retake servers.

*Retake-mod - mod in the CS:GO, which simulates the game situation after installing a bomb. Select a random point on the map. The terrorist team must destroy the enemy or detonate the bomb, and the counter-terrorists - kill everyone or defuse the bomb. Players find themselves in a random position with a random number of grenades and armor. Weapons are selected individually. *

You can hone your skills in retail stores the art of spray is already in specific game situations. For example, by dealing with opponents with several short sprays or one (if the opponents come out from one or two adjacent positions). We haven't forgotten about visual clarity. That's how he trains olofmeister.

Pro (20% of training sessions “ with bots " and 80 % of live player training sessions”)

Suitable for players with excellent gaming experience

Real spray gurus can almost forget about training with bots. This should be done very rarely, so as not to lose your grip. Bots, by the way, can be effectively used as a warm-up before training.

The " Pro " level requires maximum efficiency when training with "live" players-train the spray length, shooting timings, combining spray with other types of shooting, spray transfers after a kill. It is also useful to use a "blind" spray, which is also a one -point spray when playing on DM.

You're almost perfect! It's a small matter, go for it!

Dividing it into "levels" will help you effectively distribute your resources. try your hand and time and find out where to start for both beginners and experienced players. Workout "it's effective. Don't waste your time.

A separate point in spray training will be the use of the SCOPE service.GG, where you will learn all about the mechanics and nuances of each of your clamps in matches.

The section with spray analysis from your games in matchmaking or on FACEIT is a tab 'Aim’ in the match history. Here you can analyze each spray from “Kalash".
Purple the line on the enemy model is your spray, which we number for convenience
White line - perfect spray pattern of weapons

A cool addition will be information about:

- parts of the model that the bullet hit
- your speed during the spray
- the speed of the opponent
- the distance between you and the opponent

For convenience, the number of shots is indicated ,and the spray is projected onto the system coordinate system that helps analyze the spray and control the spread during shooting. The system automatically helps you understand where it is best to move the scope at the time of spray.

Click on the button ‘View and look at EVERY spray in 2D mode!

It's time to practice! Register on a SCOPE.GG. For convenience , we left the button at the bottom of the article. A couple of clicks and functionality the site is in your hands: clutches, demos, throwing grenades, match analysis and much more! SCOPE.GG - we know all about your stats and a little more!

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