Take your warming up routine in CS:GO to the next level with our Training Map

Train your aim, reaction, strafing, and flickshots without getting bored. Each new run is generated anew along with the map elements and bot positions.
Infinitely replayable scenarios
You won't get bored with this map. Due to the random generation of each run, the location of all map elements and positions of bots will be different, which makes it impossible to get used to the map and "hack" it. So, each try will be unique and require concentration.
Train real in-game situations
The variety of settings makes this map the best tool for practicing in-game situations, such as: checking positions, reaction speed, aiming, flash dodging skills, and the role of an active sniper who must go forward on the map and face enemies at close range.
Make it fun and chill warm-up or hard training
With flexible HP and ammo settings, you can turn this map into a warm-up or relaxation session, thanks to infinite ammo and increased HP, or into a challenging training simulator, where all the settings are the same as in the competition maps.
Track your progress and highlight grow spots
After your last run, you can look at your shooting stats for the last run or for the entire session to understand your accuracy and growth points that will help you improve your aiming.
How to start training?
Just click the button. Get into the Steam Workshop and click subscribe.