Increase your impact when you play CS:GO with our grenade predictor

Learn and practice all possible spots for nades lineups, so you always will have an advantage in every in-game situation.
What is It?
Reasons to use our tool
All competitive maps are available
Do you want to climb ranked ladder in CS:GO? No problem, our tool contains all maps (for both T and CT sides) that are played in competitive mode from Dust 2 to Mirage.
Every type of grenade are available
It's no secret that grenades are one of the most important components to increase your impact on the game, skill and rank.

That's why it's important to know all the basic grenades (especially flashbangs and smokes). So all types of basic grenades are available in our tool to help you.
Learn grenade lineups for both tickrates
Since grenade trajectory is different depending on the tickrate, players who plays both 64 and 128 tickrate will always have access to the right lineups in our tool.

How to start training?
Just click the button and use it for free. If you want advanced functionality you need to sign in.
Some tips & tricks for you
In case you want an example of how to use our tool check out links below