Learn insights. Find grenades. Improve.
Win more and become mightiness
We will show you the path
to become better
Tons of awesome stats, improvement advice and self-coaching practices
Match breakdown
All your matches will be automatically chopped, desintegrated and analyzed by atoms.

Learn your best positions, maps, clutch stats and insights; remove your weak sides
Watch every move, analyze team tactics with our innovative in-browser CS:GO demo viewer.

Look how awesome you have played the last match and how bad your teammates were
Tactical board
Plan your game and visualize a particular round or a whole match strategy.

Every move, every sound, every single grenade throw and more
40.000.000 grenades
Easy way to learn new and unusual grenades – find and train awesome new nades with our grenade prediction feature.

HEs, smokes, and molotovs are available by now

How to use SCOPE.GG Grenade prediciton
How it works
Sign up
Create your account via
Steam or FACEIT
Connect your match history
With that done you will be able to upload your games from Counter-Strike MM
Go show great performance and outsmart your opponents
They talk about us
No payments. No ads. Just stats
SCOPE.GG is absolutely free while beta – don't miss your chance to become s1mple
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