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track your progress

Track your progress to clearly see if you’ve got better at the game and what aspect of the game should be improved. Works both for steam and faceit


immortalize your best moments

Your clutches and multi-kills will be recorded and saved automatically


learn lineups

Make a difference in every round with the Grenades section. Find any grenade you need in two clicks.

2D replay

analyze your moves

Nice and easy way to find out what happened during the round. Match auto upload and 2D replay with a timeline without any lags or crashes.


watch highlights and mistakes

Quick access to highlights and mistakes, each with 2D replay. Share your toughest clutch or find out if you made any mistakes during the match.


compare yourself with a friend

Are you better than your friend or a toxic teammate? Get the undeniable proof with player comparison tool.

prematch analytics

find out how to beat opponent

Find out how to beat your opponents before the match even starts. We’ll show you the positions your opponents usually hold and zones they might push.

match overview

see who was the best

Who carried the team and who was the the weakest? Find out in the match overview. helped me a lot to gather a lot of data with only a few clicks, making my work easier and smoother. it also suits the more casual player by tracking heatmaps for example. overall a super helpful tool with constant updates”.

Jan “Swani” MullerG2 Esports analystJan “Swani” Muller
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