We will track and analyze your stats on Faceit

So you will be able to learn insights, get better, win more, and rank-up faster

About our Faceit stats tool

Scope.gg is an all-in-one CS:GO/CS2 analytics service that collects and analyzes your Faceit stats from matches, gives personalized results and insights to help you understand your weaknesses, fix them, and play better.

Key features of Faceit analyzer tool

We'll show you all the statistics you need to know where you're bad or good.

This will give you a clear understanding of:

  • What impact you do (or don't do) in each round or match;
  • What areas to focus your training on;
  • See your trends and the dynamics of your performance;
  • What maps and positions do you play best or worst most of the time
  • What is your ELO score

    Why should I use your tool?

    + 3mln
    Matches analyzed
    + 250k
    Registered users
    + 80k
    Users per month

    How to start?

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