Compare your KDA with any players in CS2

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How It Works?

SCOPE.GG is an analytical service which collects, reviews and rates players based on their matches via Comparing tool

Comparing tool is the best way to find out who plays better in CS2. You can compare yourself with any player, either a friend or a random teammate or opponent, or even a pro player.

What data and metrics we include?

Comparison is summed up by total score, which is composed of 6 areas of the game and separate stats and metrics for each area.

Full list of what we are analyzing:
  • General Section (winrate / KDA / ADR / Rating 2.0 and more)
  • Aim (time to kill / accuracy / HS)
  • Grenades (smokes per match / flash duration / grenades dmg)
  • Maps performance (winrate / KDA / rounds won)
  • Mistakes
  • Records
  • Some fun stats

    How to start compare?

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    In order to start comparing, you need to sign up
    Connect data sourse
    We need a data from your matches (steam or FACEIT) to analyze how you played
    Pick a player
    You can use friend list in dashboard or search tab
    See results and don't forget to share with friend!

    Our comparing is accurate because:

    3 mln
    Matches analyzed
    Registered users
    Users per month