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What is 'one-way' smoke and how to use it? Guide by SCOPE.GG
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What is 'one-way' smoke and how to use it? Guide by SCOPE.GG

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One of the main conditions for winning in CS:GO is not only good aim, movement technique or crosshair positioning, but also knowing how to use the grenades. Grenades can help you to easily win the round, inflict damage or obtain the necessary information about the enemy. Any grenade training is not complete without learning new but extremely useful mechanics. One such mechanic is the ‘one-way’ smoke mechanic.

What is a ‘one-way’ smoke?

‘One-way’ smoke is a certain kind of smoke that allows you to see or kill a player without the risk of being noticed - the enemy simply cannot see you. This mechanic is one of the most useful and difficult to execute, but it also helps to achieve maximum advantage with low risk for the performer.

Another 'one-way' smoke - Your enemy see it like this
Another 'one-way' smoke - You see it like that

‘One-way’ smokes exist on almost every competitive CS:GO map. Having several plans for a round with such smokes, using the right timings, you can almost win the round by yourself.

'One-way' smoke on B-plant Inferno by Aleksib

What do you need to know in order to use 'one-way' smoke?

To use 'one-way' smokes, you need to follow 3 golden rules that will help you get the maximum benefit from the mechanics of one-way smokes and realize your advantage:

Correct positioning

Some smokes require precise positioning of the player model and crosshair. We advise you to practice before using the mechanics in the game.

Don't forget about timings

Usually 'one-way' smokes are useful in certain timings on the map, when you know for sure that you will get into the required position before the enemy. Remember that you need a certain amount of time to throw smoke and get into position.

For example, only one of the close spawns on the Inferno map on the CT side allows you to use 'one-way' smoke on Banana. Of course, you can use smoke later in the round, but in the situation described above, this tactic is the most effective. Thus, using this 'one-way' smoke, you take the desired position earlier and easily hit your opponent.

Don't abuse the mechanic

One-way smoke can come as a complete surprise to your opponent. You can repeat such a tricky thing even several times in a row. However, you should always be sure that the enemy has not been able to realize the essence of the trick. Otherwise, using 'one-way' smoke in the next round, you risk getting shot through.

Where can I find 'one-way' smokes?

The most efficient way to find and use examples of one-way smokes is with SCOPE.GG's Grenade Prediction, which has recently acquired a whole bunch of such smokes.

Grenade Prediction by SCOPE.GG

It's very easy to use the service. You only have to follow the link down below, select the necessary map and check all of these smokes on it.

Grenades prediction service in CS:GO -
Select a map, type of grenade and get information about tactical grenade use in CS:GO

On each of the competitive maps, you can use a whole number of additional search parameters for a specific smoke: side, tick rate and the “Sniper Only” option.

Each 'one-way' smoke has a visual instruction on how to use it with model positioning, aiming, end points & a video of 'how to use it'.

Here you will find Positioning, Aiming and even End Points.

Always want to have smokes with you? Even in the middle of the match? Then read our article on how to use the Steam browser and be able to watch any grenade line-ups right in the game.

How to watch any grenades line-ups during a match in CS:GO? Guide by SCOPE.GG
How to have any grenades line-ups during a match in CS:GO? Use the Steam browser to 100% and beat your opponent with useful flashes, smokes, frag grenades or molotovs!

Well, in order to understand for sure how to use our service, we suggest you watch a short video that will help you learn how to use the service to study mechanics even more effectively.

Now you know much more about one of the most complex but useful mechanics in CS:GO. It's time to try another 'one-way' in action! Good luck on the server!

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