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What are Highlights? Highlights are automatically generated clips from your gameplay that capture significant moments like kills, deaths, and other notable events in CS2. These highlights help players quickly review their performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make improvements. They are accessible after each match on, allowing you easily watch your best moments and share them with friends or teammates.

How to get your clips on

How to register and use Highlights?

  1. Registering on
  • Before using the tools you have to visit
  • Create an account by login in via your Steam or FACEIT account.
  • Follow the instructions to link your CS2 game account to
    Check how to find out the match token/authentication code in Steam here.
  1. Using Highlights:
  • Once linked, your recent matches will be uploaded automatically to Play your game as usual to get clips after matches.
  • After each match, log into to view your automatically generated highlights on the match page or checking your Dashboard.
Check your Dashboard to check recent clips of your highlights

How get I get all possible highlights from my matches?

Highlights are recorded automatically during gameplay. You don’t need to download any software to use this feature. After registering on you can start using the free version which includes 1 clip from your recent matches.You will also get one best clip per 7 days after the registration while using the free version of Scope Highlights.

If you want to get all clips from all further matches, you have to use one of the current subscription plans - Scope Lens or Scope Prematch.

Subscription plans on

Click on the special button " Subscription plans" in the top right corner of any page to find out more.

Check the subscription plans to unlock the unlimited number of highlights

Do I need to install additional software to record my Highlights?

No additional software is needed to use Highlights. The platform automatically generates clips by analyzing match data. Simply connect your game account to, and the service will handle the rest, providing you with easy access to your highlights through their website.

Pros and Cons of using Highlights


  • Automatic Recording: No need to manually start and stop recording.
  • Easy Access: Check your key moments (Dashboard page or Match page) without watching the entire match.
  • Convenient Sharing: Share highlights easily with friends and on social media.


  • Limited to Specific Features: Unlike some recording software, it focuses only on highlights. is planning to add more features in the near future.
  • Dependent on Game Integration: Requires linking your game account for automatic clip generation.
Scope Highlights interface
  • Highlights: Focuses on automatic clip generation and analysis, making it easy and convenient for users.
  • Other Programs: Typically require manual recording and editing, offering more control but less automation and ease of use.

Conclusion Highlights is a powerful tool for both casual and competitive players looking to improve their gameplay or simply follow their best in-game moments. With automatic clip generation, and convenient sharing, it stands out as a valuable resource. Register on today to start watching your best moments of the game and enhance your CS2 experience

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