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CS2 Weapons Meta: Best Guns for Ranked

CS2 Weapons Meta: Best Guns for Ranked

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In the adrenaline-pumping world of CS2, success depends on split-second decisions and precision gameplay. One crucial element that contributes to this is the choice of weaponry. The game offers a diverse range of weapons, each designed for specific scenarios and playstyles, offering an exciting and strategic gameplay experience.

This article explores the armory and highlights the best guns in CS2. From iconic rifles that deliver lethal accuracy to high-powered sniper rifles designed for long-range precision, the game's weaponry provides a broad range of options that cater to the preferences and tactics of every player.

We will take a closer look at the merits of each weapon, unravel their unique attributes, and guide you through choosing the ideal one to dominate in CS2.

Assault Rifles

Let's review the top assault rifles in CS2: AK-47, M4A1, M4A4, AUG, FAMAS and Galil. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Some are better suited for offensive strategy, and others for defensive maneuvers. The differences lie in the magazine capacity, rate of fire, positioning requirements, and more. Our team has expertly analyzed each of these rifles to determine which gun has an advantage in various gaming scenarios.


AK-47 Rifle

A symbol of raw firepower and precision, this is the quintessential terrorist rifle in CS2. Favored for its deadly damage output, the AK-47 is the embodiment of aggression and high-impact gameplay.

AK-47 Weapon Statistics‌ ‌

At Which Stage to Buy?

The AK-47 is a relatively expensive weapon, and players should ensure they have accumulated enough in-game currency to afford it. During buy rounds, gamers typically purchase this weapon in the fourth round of each half. It is often used by terrorists due to its ability to kill with one shot to the head, making it a popular choice for T-side pushing.

Pros & Cons

The AK-47 is particularly favored by terrorists due to its potent one-shot head-kill capability, making it a formidable choice for T-side pushing. Players might buy the AK-47 when their team plans a coordinated attack or executes a specific strategy.

The disadvantage is that it has significant recoil, especially when fired in rapid succession. Compared to some other rifles, the AK-47 has a lower rate of fire. Also, unlike the Counter-Terrorist M4A1, the AK-47 does not have a silencer option.

Weapon Tips

For proper use of the AK-47 and better shooting, we've prepared some tips for you:

  1. Practice firing in short bursts of 2-3 bullets to maintain accuracy for more accurate shots, especially at medium to long ranges.
  2. Aim for the head to maximize damage output and increase the likelihood of swiftly eliminating opponents.
  3. Learn the recoil pattern of the AK-47 and practice controlling it by moving the crosshair in the opposite direction of the recoil.
  4. Be assertive and take the initiative in pushing forward during attacks.
  5. Avoid reloading unnecessarily, especially in the middle of the fight.


M4A4 Rifle

The M4A4, the standard assault rifle for Counter-Terrorists in CS2, is versatile and well-rounded. Known for its balanced attributes, the M4A4 is the cornerstone of defensive play, providing accuracy, manageable recoil, and flexibility in various in-game scenarios.

M4A4 Weapon Statistics

At Which Stage to Buy?

Buying an M4A4 rifle is a critical strategic decision for Counter-Terrorist players. Consider purchasing the M4A4 during the buy rounds, just as with the AK-47. The team's overall defensive strategy and the individual player's economic situation determine the purchase of M4A4. Good against the terrorist push strategy in CS2.

Pros & Cons

The M4A4 is known for its accuracy and controlled firing, making it suitable for tapping or burst firing at medium to long ranges. By the fourth round, however, players often invest in utility and the M4A4, striking a balance between firepower and tactical resources.

Speaking of Cons, the M4A4 has a distinctive recoil pattern that can be challenging to control, especially during prolonged bursts. The rifle lacks a silencer, unlike the M4A1. Compared to the AK-47, the M4A4 has a lower damage output, especially against opponents with armor.

Weapon Tips

Here are some tips for using M4A4:

  1. It is essential to practice and master recoil control for the M4A4.
  2. Although the M4A4 has a higher rate of fire, it is often more effective to use controlled bursts for accuracy, particularly at medium to long ranges.
  3. The M4A4 is a more affordable rifle than the M4A1, allowing you to allocate more in-game currency for team needs and utility purchases.
  4. This weapon has a larger magazine size for multiple opponent engagements. The increased capacity allows you to sustain fire without frequent reloading.
  5. Position yourself to reduce exposure while using the rifle's accuracy to get well-placed shots.


M4A1 Rifle

The M4A1, an integral component of the Counter-Terrorist weaponry in CS2, epitomizes precision and stealth. Recognized for its accuracy, minimal recoil, and suppressed firing, the M4A1 is tailored for players who prioritize precise encounters and adopt a discreet strategy in defensive gameplay.

At Which Stage to Buy?

The M4A1 is typically purchased during full-buy rounds when players have accumulated enough in-game currency to afford the rifle, armor, and utility (such as grenades). However, players can strategically purchase the M4A1 at various stages based on the team's needs.

Pros & Cons

The M4A1 has a lower recoil than its counterpart, the M4A4, making it easier to control during automatic fire and allowing players to maintain accuracy during extended firefights. Equipped with a suppressor, the M4A1 lets players shoot with reduced sound.

Players often use specialized training maps or custom servers to practice controlling the M4A1 spray pattern. Try to practice on Aimlabs, Aim Botz and KovaaK’s maps in Steam Workshop.

Weapon Tips

More tips for the M4A1 rifle:

  1. Make the most of the M4A1 accuracy by aiming for precise shots, especially at the head.
  2. Due to its counter-terrorism exclusivity, use the M4A1 to hold defensive positions.
  3. The M4A1 has a smaller magazine size, so be strategic with your reloads.
  4. Since the M4A1 shots are suppressed, use sound awareness to your advantage.
  5. Avoid being predictable in your positioning. Mix up your defensive spots.



An assault rifle primarily used by the Counter-Terrorist side. It is generally considered one of the more budget-friendly assault rifles. FAMAS has both burst fire (three-round burst) and fully automatic modes, providing versatility in different situations. Players often select the FAMAS when they have limited resources but still need a reliable weapon.

At Which Stage to Buy?

It's a good choice if your team is on a tight budget or during eco rounds, so players may choose FAMAS to balance cost and firepower. If your team loses the Pistol round but succeeds in planting the Bomb, players may force-buy FAMAS in the second round.

Pros & Cons

The FAMAS is relatively accurate, especially in burst mode, allowing for precise shots when properly controlled. It's a good weapon for players holding defensive positions or engaging enemies at medium range.

The FAMAS has a moderate recoil that can be difficult to control, especially in fully automatic mode. The damage per shot is medium, and it may take more shots to kill an enemy compared to more powerful rifles. Not very powerful at long range.

Weapon Tips

Below are a few suggestions for using the FAMAS:

  1. To improve accuracy and conserve ammunition, learn the burst pattern.
  2. Consider buying the FAMAS during rounds with limited funds or when your team is on an eco round.
  3. Position yourself in areas where mid-level engagements are likely.
  4. Landing headshots can compensate for its moderate damage.
  5. Combine your FAMAS engagements with the use of utilities.


Galil Rifle

Galil is a pretty popular weapon nowadays. A reliable and cost-effective assault rifle in CS2, the Galil AR provides a bridge between SMGs and more expensive rifles. Known for its affordability, versatility, and rapid-fire capability, the Galil is a popular choice for players seeking a balance between firepower and economy.

At Which Stage to Buy?

On eco rounds, choosing the Galil can be a cost-effective solution. In situations where a team decides to force-buy — the Galil AR becomes a common choice due to its affordability. A good choice for purchasing utility (such as grenades and armor) along with their primary weapon

Pros & Cons

Galil provides a sufficient amount of ammunition with a 35-round magazine. This AR is significantly more affordable than higher-tier rifles, making it a viable option in times of economic constraint or when players prioritize utility.

While versatile, the Galil AR has a lower damage output compared to higher-tier rifles like the AK-47 or M4A4/M4A1-S, potentially requiring more shots to secure a kill. In long-range engagements, the Galil accuracy may be challenging.

Weapon Tips

Below are a few suggestions for utilizing the Galil:

  1. Use the Galil in rounds where economic constraints prevent a full buy.
  2. Engage enemies with controlled bursts instead of spraying continuously.
  3. Take advantage of the Galil rapid fire rate in close combat situations.
  4. Due to its rapid-fire rate, consider adopting a more aggressive playstyle when using the Galil.
  5. As the team's economy improves, consider switching to higher-level rifles such as the AK-47.


In CS2, submachine guns (SMGs) are a unique category of firearm known for their high rate of fire, relatively low cost, and mobility. The popular ones are: MP9 and MAC-10. These weapons are often used in certain situations, especially during eco rounds or when players prefer a more maneuverable play style.



The MP9 is a compact and flexible submachine gun in CS2, known for its high rate of fire and exceptional mobility. This versatile weapon is often favored for its affordability, making it a popular choice in various in-game scenarios, especially during eco rounds or when players prioritize maneuverability.

MP-9 Statistics

At Which Stage to Buy?

During eco rounds or rounds where your team has limited resources, the MP9 is a popular weapon choice. This weapon is very effective at close to medium range due to its high rate of fire. As a result, the MP9 can be very valuable in taking down multiple enemies at close range.

Pros & Cons

Its high fire rate is advantageous in close-quarters combat and aggressive playstyles. One of the key advantages of the MP9 is its economical cost, making it an attractive option for eco rounds or situations where players have limited funds.

The MP9 is less effective at long range. Players may need to fire multiple rounds to eliminate opponents, especially those wearing armor. While the MP9 is affordable, there are trade-offs in firepower and range effectiveness.

Weapon Tips

Here are several recommendations for utilizing the MP9:

  1. Engage opponents in tight spaces where the weapon's high rate of fire and mobility shine.
  2. Utilize its mobility to quickly push through chokepoints, surprise opponents, and gain map control.
  3. Choose the MP9 during anti-eco rounds when facing opponents with weaker weaponry.
  4. Master run-and-gun techniques with the MP9.
  5. In situations where you encounter multiple opponents, consider a hit-and-run strategy.



The MAC-10 is a compact and fast submachine gun (SMG) featured in CS2, known for its rapid rate of fire and affordability. This weapon is favored for its maneuverability, making it a popular choice for players who value quick movement and aggressive close-quarters combat.

MAC-10 Statistics

At Which Stage to Buy?

This weapon is effective during eco rounds or rounds where players have limited money. In rounds where the opposing team is on an eco round, players may choose the MAC-10 to maintain a firepower advantage. On maps with tight corridors and close combat, the MAC-10 is a popular choice.

Pros & Cons

The MAC-10 is renowned for its high mobility, allowing players to navigate the map swiftly. One of the primary advantages of the MAC-10 is its economic cost. Often chosen during anti-eco rounds, plus it has good armor penetration.

Its accuracy decreases at a long-range, making it less effective in medium-distance engagements. Compared to rifles, the MAC-10 has a lower damage output per shot. Players may need to rely on its rapid-fire rate to compensate for the lower damage per round.

Weapon Tips

Explore these recommendations for making effective use of the MAC-10:

  1. Master the run-and-gun style with the MAC-10.
  2. Dominate in eco rounds where opponents have limited resources.
  3. Use the MAC-10 strengths in close combat.
  4. Use the MAC-10 for flanking maneuvers.
  5. Consider picking up the MAC-10 from fallen opponents during eco rounds.


Shotguns are the real meta in CS2 in 2024, so we recommend buying them. It's a unique category of weapon known for its devastating close-quarters impact. The XM1014 and Nova are the most popular shotguns. They are ideal for close combat and are especially effective in confined spaces. Here is an overview of the shotguns in CS2:


XM1014 Shotgun

The XM1014, commonly known as the Auto-Shotgun, is a shotgun featured in Counter-Strike 2. It allows players to fire multiple rounds in quick succession by holding down the trigger. Here is a description of the XM1014:

At Which Stage to Buy?

XM1014 is a popular shotgun on buy-rounds and rounds where you don't have money and don't want to buy an expensive rifle. It is also a replacement for Famas and Galil. On maps with tight corridors and close combat, players may choose the XM1014. If a team anticipates or plans to run aggressive rushes, the XM1014 can be valuable.

Pros & Cons

Like other shotguns, the XM1014 excels in close-quarters combat. While not as powerful as some rifles, its auto-fire capability compensates by allowing players to quickly unleash a stream of bullets. The weapon has decent armor penetration, making it effective against armored opponents.

While the XM1014 has auto-fire capability, each bullet deals moderate damage. Landing all projectiles on an enemy is critical for maximum damage, which can be challenging in fast-paced situations.

Weapon Tips

Here are some tips for effectively using the XM1014:

  1. Position yourself in areas with tight angles, corridors, or bomb sites where opponents are likely to engage at close range.
  2. Adopt an aggressive play style when using the XM1014.
  3. Use the XM1014 as an element of surprise. Change positions frequently to catch opponents off guard.
  4. Aim for the center of mass of your opponents to maximize the number of bullets hitting the target.
  5. In situations where you've engaged one or more opponents, consider retreating to a more advantageous position to re-engage.


Nova Shotgun

The Nova is one of the more affordable shotguns in the game. A well-placed shot can be deadly, especially in close combat. The rate of fire is relatively slow compared to semi-automatic shotguns.

At Which Stage to Buy?

Its lower cost makes it an affordable option for players looking to maximize their impact with a smaller investment. The Nova's strengths are ideal for maps with narrow corridors, chokepoints, or bombsites with tight angles.

Pros & Cons

A well-placed shot can take out even armored enemies. Nova can catch opponents off guard and can be advantageous in certain situations. The Nova complements an aggressive play style, allowing players to push forward, take control of tight spaces, and catch opponents off guard.

The Nova's effectiveness decreases significantly at longer ranges. This shotgun may have difficulty competing with rifles and other more versatile weapons. In summary, the Nova is a situational weapon with strengths in close combat and certain map conditions.

Weapon Tips

Exclusive suggestions for Nova:

  1. Position yourself in areas where you can engage enemies at close range.
  2. Hold corners and angles where opponents are likely to push or pass through.
  3. Adopt an aggressive playstyle, pushing forward and taking control of tight spaces.
  4. Buy the Nova during eco rounds. You'll maximize your impact while saving money.
  5. Use the Nova for flanking maneuvers.


Most pistols are inexpensive, making them essential during eco rounds or when players have limited funds. Players highlight USP-S, Glock-18, Dual-Berettas, Five-Seven and Desert Eagle. Pistols play a crucial role in CS2, serving as secondary weapons for players in various situations. It generally have better accuracy while moving compared to rifles and other primary weapons.

USP-S / Glock-18

USP-S Pistol

The USP-S, known as the "Universal Silencer Pistol", is a premier semi-automatic pistol used by counter-terrorists in CS2. Known for its accuracy, the USP-S is favored for tapping and controlled shots.

Glock-18 Pistol

The Glock-18, a semi-automatic pistol reserved for terrorists, offers a distinct set of features. The high rate of fire is advantageous in close-quarters engagements and aggressive shots.

Glock-18 Statistics

Pros & Cons

With minimal recoil, the USP-S facilitates precise shots even during rapid follow-ups. Like many pistols, the USP-S boasts the ability to secure a one-shot kill with a headshot on unarmored enemies.

The USP-S has a smaller magazine size compared to the Glock-18, the standard terrorist pistol. The USP-S does not have a fully automatic firing mode, which some players may find limiting in situations that require a quick burst of shots.

The Glock-18 is most effective at close range, making it the preferred choice for aggressive assaults and close-quarters engagements. In certain situations, Terrorists may choose Dual Berettas as an alternative to the Glock-18.

While the Glock-18 has moderate armor penetration, it can struggle against fully armored opponents, especially in buy rounds where opponents typically have armor.

Weapon Tips

Small tips on these pistols:

  1. Focus on controlled and well-timed shots
  2. Use the USP-S in long-range engagements where its accuracy shines.
  3. Consider repositioning after firing to catch opponents off guard.
  4. Similar to the USP-S, consider switching to your knife when moving across the map to increase your movement speed.
  5. In pistol rounds, use the Glock-18 for coordinated rushes.


Dual-Berettas Pistol

The Dual Berettas, often referred to simply as "Dualies," are a pair of semi-automatic pistols available to both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists in CS. Its rapid-fire capability can be advantageous in close-quarters combat scenarios, allowing players to unleash a flurry of bullets.

At Which Stage to Buy?

The decision of when to buy the Dual Berettas in Counter-Strike 2 depends on several factors, including your play style, your team's strategy, and the economic situation of the round. A good decision to buy them is on pistol rounds, but sometimes people buy them on force rounds.

Pros & Cons

The Dual Berettas are popular for eco rounds or rounds where your team has limited resources. The high rate of fire and dual-wielding capability can catch opponents off guard, especially at close range. Compared to other pistols, the Dual Berettas have a larger magazine size.

The effectiveness of the Dual Berettas decreases at longer ranges due to its lower accuracy. Despite the larger magazine size, the Dual Berettas have a longer reload time.

Weapon Tips

Suggestions for Five-Seven:

  1. Take advantage of the Dual Berettas strength in close combat.
  2. When facing opponents at medium range, consider tapping both pistols simultaneously for more controlled shots.
  3. Maintain mobility during the push.
  4. Note the longer reload time of the Dual Berettas.
  5. Coordinate with teammates for aggressive plays.


Five-Seven Pistol

The Five-Seven is a semi-automatic pistol available to Counter-Terrorists in CS2. Known for its versatility and high ammunition capacity, the Five-Seven serves as a reliable sidearm. Its adaptability allows players to use it in a variety of in-game scenarios.

At Which Stage to Buy?

The Five-Seven is a popular choice for force-buy rounds, in this case, P250 is also a good choice. This pistol provides firepower without heavily impacting your economy. Its affordability allows players to invest in armor or utilities and still have a reliable sidearm.

Pros & Cons

The Five-Seven is versatile and performs well at different ranges. With a larger magazine size of 20 rounds, the Five-Seven provides more ammunition compared to many other pistols. The Five-Seven offers decent armor penetration, making it effective against armored opponents.

The effectiveness of the Five-Seven diminishes at longer ranges due to its reduced accuracy. The Five-Seven rate of fire and recoil can make accurate aiming a challenge.

Weapon Tips

General tips for effectively using the Five-Seven:

  1. Fire the Five-Seven in controlled bursts, especially at longer ranges.
  2. Prioritize headshots to maximize the stopping power of the Five-Seven.
  3. Use the Five-Seven strategically in positions that play to its strengths.
  4. Keep an eye on your ammo and reload strategically.
  5. Consider the Five-Seven for tactical rounds where specific strategies involve holding angles, playing defense, or executing close-range maneuvers.

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle Pistol

The Five-Seven is a popular choice for eco rounds or rounds where Counter-Terrorists have limited resources. Known for its immense stopping power and distinctive design, the Deagle is a popular sidearm among players. With the highest damage per shot of any pistol, the Deagle can deal significant damage to both armored and unarmored opponents.

Desert Eagle Statistics

At Which Stage to Buy?

The Deagle is a popular choice during force-buy or buy rounds, especially if you want to maximize your damage potential while saving money for future rounds.

Pros & Cons

The Deagle has unparalleled stopping power among pistols, capable of eliminating opponents with a single well-placed shot to the head. Maintains accuracy at longer ranges, allowing players to effectively engage enemies from a distance.

Mastering the Deagle requires skill and precision. Consistently landing shots, especially headshots, require a high level of individual skill. Limited magazine size compared to other pistols, requiring accurate shots and strategic reloading.

Weapon Tips

How to use Deagle correctly:

  1. Prioritize accurate aiming, especially for headshots.
  2. Fire the Deagle in controlled bursts, especially when engaging enemies at long range.
  3. Use cover strategically when engaging enemies.
  4. Reload during moments of cover or when the situation permits.
  5. Communicate with your team about your positioning, your commitments, and the information you gather.3

Spray Pattern

Overall, the spray pattern hasn't changed much between CS2 and CS:GO. For more detailed information on recoil control, check out this guide from SCOPE.GG. If you want to see the damage done in each match, where your bullets hit, or the effectiveness of the utilities, then SCOPE.GG can provide you with this tool.

To correctly understand spray pattern and recoil control of each weapon - you can practice your skills on maps such as: Aimlabs, Aim Botz and KovaaK’s in the Steam Workshop. Let's take a look at the spray patterns of two of the most popular Assault Rifles in the game: AK-47 and M4A1-S.

AK-47 CS2 vs CS:GO Spray Pattern

When firing the AK-47 continuously, the initial bullets climb vertically. After the initial vertical climb, the AK-47's spray pattern tends to deviate horizontally to the right. Players should compensate by moving their crosshair to the left to counteract this rightward movement.

M4A1-S CS2 vs CS:GO Spray Pattern

M4A1-S Spray Pattern (Left CS2 / Right CS:GO)

The M4A1-S rifle fires its first few bullets with a slight upward tendency, but it has less initial vertical rise than the M4A4 and AK-47. After the initial upward movement, the M4A1-S has a slight right deviating trajectory. Generally, the M4A1-S has a more controlled vertical recoil when compared to the M4A4, making it a more accurate choice for tapping and burst firing.


Why have players stopped buying AUG?

At the rifle range, the AUG cannot one-shot through a helmet. Thus, an M4A4 offers a higher fire rate and lower price. On the other hand, an M4A1 features the same fire rate, a silencer, and a much lower price.

What is the best starting pistol on the CT side in CS2?

The USP-S is for tapping, reduces muzzle flash, and eliminates tracers. It also has a smaller magazine size and a lower rate of fire. Speaking of the P2000, it has a higher rate of fire and a larger magazine and performs well for close to medium-range combat.

Does the M4A4 outperform the M4A1-S CS2?

The M4A4 is better at spray control and sustained fire, plus it has a large magazine and a high rate of fire. The M4A1-S has lower recoil and is good for tapping, but has a smaller magazine size.

What is the best pistol to use in loadout P250 or CZ-75?

Dualies are better than CZ-75 or P250 due to their lower price and improved performance in 2024.

The Nova is a popular choice because it does almost as much damage as the MAG-7 and costs only $1,050.

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