Shoot like a PRO. Spray & Recoil control in CS:GO
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Shoot like a PRO. Spray & Recoil control in CS:GO

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Many things in CS:GO require players to learn the smallest details. It will improve the understanding of the game and increase your skill. Shooting is an important aspect of the game and training both for pros and matchmaking players. It’s not always necessary to have a first-class reaction to shoot like Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev or Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom. It's enough to know the maximum about the typesof shooting and understand some of their nuances. The article will tell about one of the shooting types that players use most often - the spray.


Spray is one of the most popular types of shooting in CS:GO.

* Spray is 3 or more bullets fired from a certain automatic weapon at one time. Briefly, it’s any burst, starting from 3 bullets. *

There’s nothing to hide: if an opponent comes out on you, then the probability of "clamping the trigger" and putting a burst in it is much higher than just a hit in the head. Everyone understands how it works. But spray can be useful if properly controlled, even considering that it’s more difficult than using tapping or bursting.

Your head thinks, but your hand presses the mouse button again and again in the hope of getting the very "one" from the cage. You will not go far here, because each weapon in the game has its own way between being shot and hit.

* Recoil is a certain movement of the weapon to the side, a reverse shot. The higher the initial speed, the mass of the projectile, and the charge and the lower the mass of the weapon, the greater the recoil energy. Thanks to physicists :) *

And if you completely forget about the recoil and stop controlling the spray, then bullets will fly completely not where the sight is.


Recoil control makes most players “shut down”, especially newcomers.

We know that:

1) bullets cause maximum damage when hit in the head

2) there is a recoil that affects bullet’s trajectory

How to hit the head when the spread is so big?

To get rid of recoil, you need to know the trajectory of bullets from a particular weapon.

Well, to understand the nuances of the spray from a particular gun works, you need to take a detailed look at the spray patterns of each of them.

* Spray pattern - a certain path along which bullets fly. *

If the spray pattern shows that the bullets are flying up, then you need to lower the sight below. Then the bullets will fly to the initial point with almost 100% probability.

This GIF demonstrates all 30 bullets fired from AK-47 if you don’t control the recoil and rely on luck.

Knowing the flight path of bullets, you can catch in such a way to move the mouse so that each bullet flies directly into the enemy, and not wide off the mark.

In the GIF below we can see the shooting of a real superhuman, who managed to control all 30 bullets along the ideal spray trajectory.


We know: if you just press the left mouse button, then the bullets will very soon begin to fly much further from the place where you aim. To hit the opponent, you need to move the sight in the direction opposite to the trajectory of bullets.

Everything seems to be easy: you have to press the left button and control the recoil, but in reality, everyone completely forgets about this unspoken rule. Two things come into play here: analysis of your own spray and training. How to analyze and practice the spray? Here everyone chooses for himself. Someone "blasts" a wall or shoots opponents on deathmatch servers.

By the way, sometimes even pro-players prefer to train spray on DM - they spray on opponents in search of perfect timing, trajectory and shooting speed.

Others choose special maps, like Recoil Master, which have functionality for training spray from various weapons.

Let's go back to introspection. Detailed analysis of the spray is one of the keys to success in a search for the perfect control of any gun: from submachine guns to assault rifles.

Is there a versatile tool that helps analyze spray from your pugs  on FaceIT or in regular matchmaking?

Here SCOPE.GG enters the business! We have learned to break down your matches in the smallest details and  find literally every spray of any player from your team or enemy team, and compare it to the perfect spray.

You can already check the new feature in action. Just click on the “Aim” tab in each of your matches. You will find them in the section "My matches".

Shall we check the new feature together?

A tab with analysis of your spray is a section with which you can use to analyze each spray from different types of weapons.

The purple line on the enemy’s model indicates your spray under a certain number.

White line - it’s an "ideal" spray pattern

In addition, we collect statistics on:


- part of the model which the bullet hit

- your speed during spray

- speed of the opponent

- distance between you and the opponent

For your convenience, we indicate the number of shots.The spray is located on a coordinate system that helps analyze spray and recoil control. The system automatically helps you to understand how to move the sight at any time of spray.

Press the "Watch" button and look at EACH spray in 2D mode!

Well, the analysis has to be completed by training. SCOPE.GG is finishing the work on a prototype of training maps that will collect a bunch of the best features from ALL top training maps. Practicing on our maps, you can train not only the spray, and the recoil control from any weapons, but also flicks, one taps and more. Announcement soon!

Training section is waiting for you. Sign up at SCOPE.GG. For your convenience we added a button at the bottom of the article. A couple of clicks and the functionality of the site are in your hands: clutches, demos, grenades, match analytics and much more! SCOPE.GG - we know everything about your CS:GO stats and we’ll help you improve!

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