Big update in CS:GO. Why did Valve update matchmaking?

Big update in CS:GO. Why did Valve update matchmaking?

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— Significant changes in CS:GO ranking algorithm. Most accounts will be required to recalibrate.

— PGL Antwerp 2022 items sale is going to end on August 8.

— Changes on Ember.

— Game instructor hints are disabled in matchmaking.

Official comment from CS:GO developers: “Today’s update affects all CS:GO players so it requires some explanation. When you launch CS:GO, you’ll notice that your Skill Group is not displayed – you’ll have to win one more match to reveal your Skill Group.”

Many players expressed their indignation at the reset of ranks.

Mitya Denisov, a player: “I was Gold Nova 3 in Wingman, got Silver 4”

Dmitriy Ksenofontov, a player: “My friend was given a Global Elite, and I got MGE despite having better stats”

The matchmaking system uses the glicko-2 algorithm in a modified form. Any changes in the algorithm require recalibration of most accounts – so there Valve can control the balance of matchmaking.

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