Configs in CS:GO. How to set up a config?
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Configs in CS:GO. How to set up a config?


Every player who enters Counter-Strike has their own goals. Some just want to have fun with friends after a hard day at work. Others want to feel the adrenaline of excitement from winning a couple of games. There are also those who want to improve their skills and achieve some real success in the pro scene.

In the latter case, you can't go ahead without setting up your CS:GO config. Let's suppose that you already know some console commands in the game, and also calibrated your settings in the main menu of the game for yourself, but how to save this data so that it's not lost? In fact, all this has already been saved in a special configuration file of the game, or simply a config.

What is a CS:GO config?

A CS:GO config is one or several files that store all your settings in Counter-Strike. Starting from video parameters and ending with grenade binds. Every professional player has their own config, which they use both online and offline at LANs.

Of course, for a beginner who has just started playing, it can be very difficult to get on with hundreds of console commands; and even more so to understand what settings CS:GO even has. All these skills come with practice, thanks to the experiments and advice from more experienced teammates.

How to save a config in CS:GO?

Let's say you set up your own crosshair, mouse sensitivity, grenade binds and some more parameters in the game. How do you save all of this so that your settings are the same every time you start the game? Initially, all settings are stored in the game folder here: 'Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg'.

To create your own config, you need to open the console and type host_writeconfig “name” in it where "name" can be any word, for example, your name without spaces. The system will automatically save your config, but already in the 'Steam\userdata\Your SteamID32\730\local\cfg' folder. To find out your SteamID32, you can follow this link and enter your Steam profile name in the field.

After that you have to open the desired folder, copy the file with your name, save it to a USB or to any other place (if you are going to play with your config on other computers), and also copy it into the cfg folder, which we wrote about above.

Now you can run your own config at any time using  exec name in the console.

How to install a config?

If you don't want to bother with your own settings, you can use ready-made solutions. For example, use configs of professional CS:GO players. I bet you want to see what settings s1mple plays with.

Installing any other config does not differ from what we described above. Download the file with a professional player's config, drop it into the cfg folder. After that launch CS:GO and write exec "name" in the console. If the file is called s1mple, then write exec s1mple to get it working in your game.

The best config to boost FPS in CS:GO

Many will say that 60 fps is enough to play comfortably. This is partly true, but only for single player games, where you calmly shoot your enemies while sipping the tea. CS:GO needs more FPS. The higher the number, the smoother your game. FPS drops are especially noticeable if your monitor operates at a frequency of 144 Hz or higher. This means that the frame rate should not drop below 144. But how to increase FPS in CS:GO? For this, there are different configs in which the necessary settings have already been set.

You can read more about configs which can help to increase FPS in CS:GO here.

PRO players configs. 2020 & 2021 edition

Trying out the config of your idol is a matter of honor for almost any beginner in CS:GO. Everyone wants to know why s1mple is so good at the game? In fact, there is nothing special in the configs of professionals, they are just preference-based settings. There is no guarantee that they will be comfortable for you. Still, if you want to try out a legend's settings, here are some examples.

  • Click this link to download s1mple's config.
  • Here is another link which can allow you to download NiKo's config.
  • And of course, you can download ZywOo's config right here.

Before uploading configs to the game folder, do not forget to extract the files from the archives.