Counter Strike 2: beta test, graphics, grenades, skins & maps

Counter Strike 2: beta test, graphics, grenades, skins & maps

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It's time for changes! Today, Valve officially announced the launch of a new game based on CS:GO - Counter Strike 2. In their blog, the developers showed the first look at the new gameplay, talked about the changes and also launched the closed beta test of the game. In this article, SCOPE.GG has collected all the most interesting changes and details about CS 2.

Announcement of CS 2. Closed beta test

CS 2 will be a logical continuation and free improvement of CS:GO on the updated Source 2 engine. The new game will not only retain most of the mechanics familiar to players, but also add several new details: improved graphics and lighting, new smoke mechanics, changes in the tick rate system. The transition to CS 2 is scheduled for the summer of 2023. However, the developers have already launched a closed beta test of a new game for a limited circle of CS:GO players. Access to the closed test of the game will be given randomly, however, first of all, this opportunity will be given to players who actively play on official Valve servers and do not have VAC bans. Over time, there will be more invitations for testing. It is worth keeping an eye on the main menu in the game, a new game banner will appear there. After accepting the invitation, the player will be able to download the new update.

CS 2 Closed Beta Invitation

Improved graphics and lighting. Maps and skins

The new engine in the game will allow you to take a fresh look at the usual competitive maps. The CS 2 system will use new HDR-quality lighting and textures, creating a more realistic picture.

B plant on new Dust 2

You can take a look at the new maps in this video:

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CS:GO Player statistics Dashboard
Check a brief statistics of your game in CS:GO - clutches, retakes, performance on different maps, grenade performance and common mistakes

Improved graphics will help you take a fresh look not only at the maps, but also at the skins of weapons and agents. If you were worried about if your hard-earned skins would be available in the new game - the answer is yes. All skins from CS:GO will be automatically transferred to CS2. And here's how they will look in the new game:

Weapons and agents skins in CS 2

The new game effects look incredible!

New Molotov and bomb effects in CS 2

Good buy, tickrate! Sub-tick rate in CS 2

64 or 128? CS 2 will use a new tick rate system - the sub tick system. Previously, the server received and compared information between ticks or frames of the player and the server, which affected the gameplay at a millisecond level, now the new system will allow the server to instantly know that the player has taken a step, fired a shot or thrown a grenade.

As a result, all movements and shooting will become more smooth and responsive, and grenades will always fly in the same trajectory.

Read more about the new system here:

Improved sound on CS 2

Changes in the new game have also affected the sounds. In CS 2, the sound system has been completely redesigned: now the sounds convey the environment better, are more distinguishable and give more information.

New Grenades

In their video, the developers first showed the updated grenades in CS2. The biggest changes were made to smoke grenades. We've rounded up the main changes to explain how grenades work in the new game:

  • Grenades always fly in the same trajectory
  • All players see the smoke in the same way (previously, its appearance could be different for different players). The era of "oneway" smokes is coming to an end.
  • The new smoke interacts better with the environment. It can fill all cavities like vents on Nuke
  • Bullets and grenade explosions clear the smoke
Smoke in CS 2 disperses from gunshots and explosions

More information about the new grenades can be found here:

Counter Strike 2 release date

As we mentioned earlier, the developers plan to release CS 2 in the summer of 2023. In the meantime, it's worth checking your game menu often and wait for an invitation to the beta version of the new game!

Counter Strike 2

Read more about the new update on the official CS 2 website.