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CS2 Ranks Distribution and Ranked System Explained - Guide by SCOPE.GG

CS2 Ranks Distribution and Ranked System Explained - Guide by SCOPE.GG

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  • There are two distinct ranking systems: Competitive Ranks and Premier Mode Rating.
  • Players receive a rating in Premier Mode once they have won ten matches.
  • Players' KDA, win rate, and performance influence rank changes in both Competitive Mode and Premier Mode.
  • There is no exact number of wins needed to improve your rank, but it usually takes 3–5 wins to rank up.
  • Players can use to analyze their matches and learn how to improve their performance.

The CS2 release brought about many improvements to the game. Here, we will discuss the brand-new ranking system, which has two modes: Competitive and Premier. In Competitive mode, players can decide on which maps they want to play, and they will receive the original ranks on each map. In Premier mode, however, the ranks are converted into a numerical equivalent, and participants vote for the map they want to play on.

What is CS2 Ranking System?

The CS2 ranking system is a competitive ranking system used in competitive mode for games like CS:GO. It ranks players based on their skill level and matchmaking preferences. Unlike the first competitive ranking system, which was based on wins and losses, the CS2 system considers other factors like in-game performance (kills, assists, etc.). This makes it a more accurate measure of a player's skill level.

CS2 Rank Distribution

The Premier CS2 Ratings are broken down into seven main categories:
(Data was collected by the SCOPE.GG team on November 22, 2023)

Ранг ММР
Silver 1 1000 - 3754
Silver 2 3754 - 4997
Silver 3 4997 - 5723
Silver 4 5723 - 6855
Silver Elite 6855 - 7950
Silver Elite Master 7950 - 9026
Gold Nova 1 9026 - 9999
Gold Nova 2 9999 - 11036
Gold Nova 3 11036 - 12136
Gold Nova Master 12136 - 13206
Master Guardian 1 13206 - 14304
Master Guardian 2 14304 - 15114
Master Guardian Elite 15114 - 16236
Distinguished Master Guardian 16236 - 17259
Legendary Eagle 17259 - 18265
Legendary Eagle Master 18265 - 19879
Supreme Master First Class 19879 - 21847
Global Elite 21847 - 31149

Full rank distribution statistics from in CS2

It is not a big deal if you get a low rating after finishing your placement matches. If you win ten more games, you will likely see a significant increase in your rating, especially if you got in the wrong skill group.

The average rating drop in Premier matches is 100-200 points per loss. There are cases when you're playing with a player whose rating is much higher than everyone else in your group. If your team lose, his rating will be decreased by -500. Winning a match gives players an average of 100-300 points. We believe that a win/lose streak can also affect the rating difference.

Understanding CS2 Ranks - How does the CS2 Ranks and Rating System work?

Speaking of Competitive Mode, some players prefer to play on a particular map they like rather than voting on map selection. There could be several reasons - someone does not like the design or finding a specific map difficult. But if we look at Premier Mode, it is intended for experienced players who have relevant skills and experience on all the competitive maps, as this mode covers the entire map pool.

CS2 Leaderboard

Based on player performance, each map in CS2 Competitive has its Rank. So, if you are a fan of Inferno and play at the Global Elite rank there, and then you queue up for Dust 2, which is, let's say, an unpopular map for you, your Rank will be at the entry-level on that map.

Players must also complete ten matches on a specific map to pass the calibration and get the Rank. However, there are still 18 ranks in Competitive Mode, starting from Silver and ending on Global Elite.

CS2 Maps Tier LIst

Ranking Tiers Explained

The Competitive Mode in Counter Strike 2 is like in CS:GO. It uses the same MMR and Rank system.

To get the Medal, players need to be victorious in ten matches. However, the MMR is hidden in the queue menu and is not displayed, but not the rank. The most important feature of this mode is that players have a unique rank on each separate map.

CS:GO Ranks by map

The recent change in CS2 has made it possible for players to choose maps where they can confidently showcase their skills. If a player is good on Mirage but needs to learn the tactics/timings/grenades on Nuke, he will be at a disadvantage. However, with the new rank system, players can avoid this situation. The system assigns a rank to each player based on their skill level on each map. This way, players with excellent skills on a particular map can play against opponents of similar skill while avoiding those maps lacking the necessary expertise.

How to Climb the CS2 Ranks

How to climb ranks? - CS2

It takes time to give an exact number of wins needed to improve your rank in CS2. It all depends on how well you played in the previous matches, plus the total number of wins and losses in the last few matches. Usually, it takes 3–5 wins to rank up, but sometimes it can take up to 6–8 wins.

CS2 Rating in Premier Mode

Premier Mode in CS2 has an overall rating for all the maps. It is similar to the Tournament System and uses numbers to indicate the players' placements in leaderboards.

By the way, there is a related system in FACEIT as well. If you win a match, your rating will increase, but if you lose, it will decrease. Unlike Competitive Mode, Premier Mode allows you to see where you stand in the ranking through the open rating.

To open the rating, players must unlock CS2 Premier by purchasing the game and win ten placement matches. You can find your rating in the Leaderboards section of the Premier game menu. The Leaderboards tab stores the following information: Rank, CS Rating, Player Name, Wins, Win % and Region. If you want to see yourself in the Leaderboards, click the Go To Me tab.

Premier uses the Select and Ban system. Players take turns banning maps they don't want to play. After the banning phase, they choose which side to play: CT or T. Later, the match starts.

In the Premier Mode, the maximum number of rounds is set to 12 per side, meaning that players can play 24 rounds per match, but this can extend up to 30 rounds in case of a draw.

List of CSGO Ranks

The Competitive Mode includes eighteen ranks:

Silver 1
Silver 2
Silver 3
Silver 4
Gold Nova 1
Gold Nova 2
Gold Nova 3
Master Guardian 1
Master Guardian 2
Distinguished Master Guardian
Legendary Eagle
Legendary Eagle Master
Supreme Master First Class
Global Elite

How to check your CS2 Rank and Faceit ELO ( Dashboards)

1) To get started, you must register on our platform using Steam or Faceit. You will also need to play at least one match after registration, so that our service can start analyzing your profile.

A sample profile in the service so you can get an idea of what statistics will be available to you.

2) Once you are logged in, you will be taken to the Dashboard page. This page will display a summary of your game statistics. Above your username, you will see a Steam/Faceit toggle switch. This switch will display the corresponding statistics.

Check CS2 Rank - Dashboard - 

3) Your CS2 rank will be displayed directly below your username. You can also view your Aim Rank and Grenades Rank, as well as the number of matches played, win rate, and K/D ratio.

Check Faceit ELO - Dashboard -

Insider Tips for Mastering CS2 Competitive Play

If you want to improve your gameplay in CS2 and climb the competitive rankings, there are a few things you must focus on. Firstly, you should work on your aim and understanding of the game. Here are some tips to help you to play smarter:

  • Train Tour Aim - to improve your shooting skills, use some great maps available on the Steam Workshop: Aimlabs, Aim Botz and KovaaK’s.
  • Map Understanding - knowing the timings, callouts, and alternative paths to move around the map is crucial. You can use Retake or Prefire maps in the Steam Workshop to master this skill.
  • Economy - understanding the CS2 economy system is essential. When is the right time to buy, save or force buy and to do so in synergy with your team. The economy is affected by winning or losing rounds, bomb plant, and starting money of each player on both sides.
  • Practice Grenades - in CS2, grenades can give you a significant advantage over the opposing team. You can throw a Smoke to open up new routes for your team or use a Flash Grenade to blind the enemy and rush them. More information on how to perform great nades.
  • Watching Streams - watching after pro players on platforms like Twitch and YouTube can help you improve your gameplay. The list of Top Streamers: S1mple, m0NESY, olofmeister. You should analyse their playstyle, learn game aspects, and try to implement strategies.



What Are The Different CS2 Ranking Tiers?

There are 18 ranks in CS2, ranging from Silver I to Global Elite. These ranks indicate a player's skill level. There are six different ranks: Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, Legendary Eagle, Supreme Master First Class, and Global Elite.

How Does The CS2 Ranking System Work?

CS2 has two distinct ranking systems: Competitive Ranks and Premier Mode Rating. In Competitive Mode, players are assigned a rank between Silver 1 and Global Elite for each map. Meanwhile, in Premier Mode, players receive a rating once they have won ten matches.

Tips For Ranking Up In CS2?

To effectively raise your rank or rating in the game, you need to practice your aim, learn all the maps and how to move around them, and also learn Smokey and Flashes. Don't forget to think about the economy during the rounds.

How Is CS2 Elo Calculated?

You must win ten matches to be eligible for rating. Depending on the player's highest rating today, the ranking system starts at 1,000 and goes up to 35,000+. A different colour corresponds to every 5,000 Elo.

What Is The Difference Between CS2 Premier And Competitive?

Premier Mode is for experienced players who are familiar with all the maps. Competitive mode is for players who prefer to play on specific maps only.

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