Movement in CS:GO. Why it's important and how to improve it. Guide by SCOPE.GG

Movement in CS:GO. Why it's important and how to improve it. Guide by SCOPE.GG


Aim is one of the most important skills in CS:GO. As Daniil 'Zeus' Teslenko said in one of his interviews when asked what do you need to win: “You have to shoot for the head”. But what if we tell you that aim isn’t the only thing that’s required to win?

Great aim won’t do you any good if you hit every wall, cling at every corner and die during reloading because you just don’t have time to hide after bumping at the wall or your teammates for a couple of seconds. That’s why movement is almost as significant as aim for any player to practice and master. It’s time to train your left hand!

How being good at movement can help you?

Movement isn’t only about survival as you may think after reading an introduction. Your left hand and WASD buttons are also crucial for your shooting skills. How so?

Strafe is a great way to avoid enemy fire, at the same time allowing you to hit him with a juicy headshot. Whoever strafes better wins the skirmishes. How can you get better at strafe? Practice! Although practicing it on matchmaking or FACEIT ranked is definitely not the best idea.

Different styles of running and traversing the map is another example. Air strafe can help you in avoiding enemy fire. Bunnyhop can accelerate a player's character to incredible speed and allows them to jump on boxes, otherwise not accessible without a boost. We can spend a whole day telling you why being good at movement is important.

Where should you practice your movement skills?

We should note that depending on purpose and movement type you’ll need different types of practice. What that means is you’ll have to spend way more than one hour of your time to get better. But in a month of exercising you’ll see the fruits of your labour. And so will your opponents.


Let’s begin with surfing. Sadly, we’re not going to ride the waves while watching the sunset. You're a gamer, so to the special Surf servers you go, where you’re going to work on fluidity of your movement and understand how the CS:GO engine works.

Why do you need surfing in CS:GO? To work on your right hand movement smoothness and to learn how to air strafe.

To start sliding on an angled surface you have to release the W button and start pressing the button in the direction upwards on this surface. All that remains is controlling your speed by moving your mouse upwards and downwards. But remember not to twitch the mouse too quickly or that may be your downfall.


An incredible type of movement that will save your life on more than one occasion, and we’re not joking. Bhop is an ability to jump with air strafe barely touching the ground. During Bhop you press A and D buttons instead of W. You may not believe that, but this type of movement allows players to exceed CS:GO speed limit of 250 units.

This technique will help you to traverse more ground in less amount of time and also quickly hide from an opponents’ line of sight. Just a couple of jumps and you get behind some wall. Couple more along with an air strafe and you jump on some box otherwise inaccessible without a boost.


KZ in CS:GO is a combination of different techniques. That’s the commonly used name for a Steam Workshop maps and community servers that will put all your movement skills to the test - you’ll have to surf, bhop and do strafes of various difficulty. These maps also may require a longjump technique, meaning using different tricky movements to jump a huge distance. Length of a simple jump on a spacebar isn’t remotely comparable to this.

KZ maps are perfect for warming up your left hand and learning how to pixel jump, how to jump in any direction from one place and how to accelerate for a longjumps and bhops. After practicing on KZ you’ll be able to move around any map backwards while avoiding every corner with no trouble at all.

In the end we would show you that movement is a real challenge even for PRO players

You wouldn’t believe that, but you can practice your movement on SCOPE.GG servers. On this page you’ll be able to find any server for your practicing needs: KZ, Bhop, Surf and more.

Good luck!