All about pistols in CS2/CS:GO. Best pistols. Guide by SCOPE.GG
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All about pistols in CS2/CS:GO. Best pistols. Guide by SCOPE.GG

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Counter-Strike gained its popularity thanks to a well-balanced balance, long history and a huge number of opportunities for players. Take at least the dynamics of the game: there is a drive, adrenaline, a round timer that adjusts, and much more. The huge arsenal of the game can also be added to the pluses: there are various machine guns, machine guns, sniper rifles and pistols. Today we will talk about the latter. Do you want to know which pistol is the most powerful in CS:GO and which pistols use PRO?

How many pistols are there in CS2/CS:GO?

In total, there are 10 pistols in Counter-Strike. Some of them are available only to the attack side, some to the defense. Most are common. Some stand out for their incredible lethality, but they are very expensive, others are cheap, but you can only “plug” them with a mosquito on the wall. However, nothing is impossible for professionals, so you can win a round even with pistols from terrorists in CS:GO.

If you often watch matches with the participation of professionals, then you probably noticed what pistols the pros use in CS. There are several reasons for this. In pistol rounds, players try to use the standard weapons that the game itself gives out. Most often it is Glock and USP-S. The first reason is cheapness. If you don't buy another gun, then you have money left over for grenades, armor, or bomb defusing wire cutters.

The second reason is convenience. In pistol rounds, the enemy cannot have a second armor with a helmet, which means that most headshots will be fatal.


First, let's look at the terrorists' starting pistol. This is a Glock-18 that has 20 rounds in the magazine and a whopping 120 rounds in reserve. This means you simply won't have enough round time to shoot them all. Such a number of cartridges is leveled by a small lethal force and not very high accuracy. But the high rate of fire allows you to simply fill the enemy with lead in close combat in the shortest possible time.

The pistol will 'one-shot' the enemy without a helmet only at very close distances, at long distances you will have to spend at least two rounds. It is practically useless against armor, especially if the enemy is better armed.


Standard .45 caliber defense pistol. It has excellent accuracy, low rate of fire. Another plus of the gun is the presence of a silencer. Because of this, the enemy not only does not immediately understand where he was killed from, but also does not see tracers through the smoke that any weapon without a silencer has. It has a unique alternative, which we will talk about below. With this pistol, even economic rounds are taken, which makes it the most popular pistol in CS2/CS:GO.


This weapon is already more serious. This pistol is often used by pros in CS2/CS:GO even in force rounds. It's all about his ability to break through enemy armor and rate of fire. Before the patches, he could kill the enemy in the second helmet from an impressive distance, so he was very feared. Not the most powerful pistol in CS2/CS:GO, but definitely good for holding many positions on the map. Especially considering its cheapness.


Apocalypse weapon. At the moment, he is not used very often by pros in CS2/CS:GO, because he was cut down a bit with patches, but just look closely: 24 rounds in the magazine and 120 in stock. The stopping power is better than the Glock, high rate of fire and not a very large drop in accuracy while shooting on the move. When five attack players with Tec-9 run out at you and start pouring lead, there is no chance to fight them off. In many ways, this is why it is considered a weapon for noobs, because it does not always even need to be aimed at the head. It is one of the main pistols for terrorists in CS2/CS:GO in force rounds. It is quite expensive, so you can look at other options.

It has its own alternative, which we will also discuss below.

Desert Eagle

Many people like to call this gun just Deagle (Deagle). An incredibly lethal thing, the most powerful gun in CS2/CS:GO, if we are not talking about alternative options. Considered a weapon only for the most experienced players. It combines huge power and good accuracy, if you do not shoot on the move. All this is offset by the small size of the magazine - 7 rounds. In stock, you can also carry only 35 with you. However, if you are not trying to call the enemy, aim every shot, then there will be enough ammo.

Worth $700 and is a weapon of victory in force buys. If your team has a couple of experienced shooters who are good at using deagle, then the round can be won even against well-equipped opponents with machine guns.

The pistol will one-shot to the head at almost any distance, with the exception of the farthest parts of the map. He doesn't care about the second helmet on his opponent's head. It behaves well in shots through textures. This makes it the most popular pistol in CS:GO.


Abbreviated FN or 5-7. For a long time it was the most popular pistol in CS2/CS:GO, overtaking even the Desert Eagle. The magazine size of 20 rounds, high rate of fire and excellent armor penetration made it the most powerful pistol in CS2/CS:GO. While the enemy was trying to aim at your head, you just flooded it with a rain of bullets that flew very accurately on the target. After a couple of patches, the accuracy of the pistol was slightly undercut, but it is still a great option to buy in force rounds.

Alternative pistols in CS2/CS:GO

The developers have given players the opportunity to choose their own equipment. There are a number of pistols that are used as an alternative to the main ones. You must choose in advance, even before the match, which pistol you want to use. Each side has its own unique pistols, among them there is even the most powerful pistol in CS2/CS:GO. Let's look at them in more detail.


It is an alternative to the Five-SeveN defense pistol and the terrorist pistol in CS Tec-9. This gun was not added to the game right away, but when it did, many players flared up very badly. At one time, it was the answer to the question "what kind of pistol do pros use in CS". The thing is that this is a fully automatic pistol. If you want - a mini-automatic. He pressed the shoot button and killed. Agree, a very imbalanced weapon. It penetrates armor well and has good accuracy at close range. It is very difficult to shoot long distances with this pistol.

It has 12 rounds in the magazine and 12 in reserve. This is his weak point. The developers themselves realized that with such a gun you can fight against machine guns, so they cut the number of rounds. Also a weak point is the long reload animation (which used to be much shorter).

Dual Berettas

We put these pistols in the list of alternatives because they are rarely taken, even if they are available for purchase by both parties. Two pistols with a total stock of 30 rounds in the magazine and a stock of 120 rounds. A huge rate of fire in the style of "Macedonian" and a low price for such a treasure.

For a long time this gun was underestimated. There are reasons for this: despite good accuracy, armor penetration and weapon damage are not very high. But this is offset by other advantages. Not the most powerful pistol in CS, but it began to gain popularity among professionals. The low $400 cost makes it useful on maps like Nuke, Vertigo and Inferno. Given the huge presence of closed spaces, few people want to stay in a small room with an enemy armed with Berettas.


Initially, it was the most popular pistol in CS2/CS:GO when playing for defense. At the time of the release of Global Offensive, there was simply no USP-S in the game. It has almost the same stats as its silenced alternative, but has 1 more round in its magazine. It is just as accurate, but many prefer not to play with it because of the extra noise.

R8 Revolver

Another killer gun that was added to the game relatively recently. It is the most powerful pistol in CS2/CS:GO. At one time it was even used by pro players. Couldn't become the most popular pistol in cs go due to a nerf by the developers.

It has two shooting modes: aimed but with a delay (when you hold down the shot button, the drum scrolls first, and only then the shot occurs) and instant, but with reduced accuracy. At the moment, it is a useless and unreliable toy with monstrous lethality. Deals more damage to the body in the second armor than the Desert Eagle.

The most effective pistols in CS:GO and CS2

Based on the above, several conclusions can be drawn about the effectiveness of pistols:

  • The most powerful pistol in CS2/CS:GO is the Desert Eagle. If we talk about pistols that are really used in the game. The revolver is inaccurate and useless.
  • What kind of pistol do pros use in CS2/CS:GO? First of all, it's Glock-18 and USP-S. At force rounds, Desert Eagle, P250, CZ, Tec-9 and a little less Five-SeveN are bought.
  • The most popular pistol in CS is the USP-S. It is he who is tried to be used in pistol rounds. In second place, you can put Tec-9 - a pistol of terrorists. Deagle is taken a little less often, but given the fact that this pistol requires special skills, only experienced players decide to shoot from it.

The ability to perfectly use a pistol in CS2/CS:GO will help you in a difficult situation. After all, it is always faster to switch to a pistol than to reload the main weapon. Good luck on the server!