800 DPI is the best mouse sensitivity setting for CS:GO. Myth or fact? Guide by SCOPE.GG
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800 DPI is the best mouse sensitivity setting for CS:GO. Myth or fact? Guide by SCOPE.GG

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Skill in CS:GO depends not only on your individual qualities or on using the best devices, but also on setting up those devices correctly. We will tell you how to set up the sensitivity and why CS:GO pros most often use 800 DPI.

What is DPI in CS:GO?

DPI or Dots Per Inch is a mouse sensitivity setting that is measured in pixels per inch. For example, a mouse with a sensitivity of 800 DPI travels 800 pixels in every inch, or 2.5 cm.

Players always set their DPI individually. In CS:GO this value varies from 400 to 800.

How to know your DPI and set it to 800?

Most budget mice don’t have an option to change their DPI, so this value is fixed. Mid-range and premium mice may have extra buttons or a special software that allows to set DPI value to your liking. Switching to high-end devices is preferable for players striving to improve their level in the game.

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Sensitivity of a mouse with a standard DPI can be changed in Windows settings:

  1. Open “Control Panel”;
  2. Click on the “Mouse” option;
  3. Switch to the “Pointer Options” tab;
  4. Set new sensitivity by dragging a slider in the “Motion” section;
  5. Also, make sure to uncheck “Enhance pointer precision” option. That way your mouse won’t be skipping any pixels.
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There are several ways to find our what your DPI is:

  • Check your mouse documentation

This one is for budget mice that have a fixed DPI. The value can be found on the packaging, the manufacturer’s site or on the mouse’s product page in the store under the “Sensitivity” or “DPI”.

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  • Mouse software

Some mice (Logitech, SteelSeries, Razer) require you to download additional software from their manufacturer’s website. This software allows you to change various device settings, including DPI. Logitech mice use the “G HUB” program, while SteelSeries use the “SteelSeries Engine”.

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  • On a mouse itself

Some mice don’t have any software. ‘Plug&Play’ technology will let you use the mouse without any extra actions. DPI can be changed with a click of a button, and an indicator will show you current value by changing its color. Such technology is used by Zowie, HyperX and Red Square.

Why do you need to learn to play on 800 DPI?

  • it’s simpler to aim, move around and shoot;
  • small and precise movements are easier to do (like strafing while in the air, or controlling your crosshair while jumping, etc.);
  • when you have 800 DPI it’s easier to learn to “flick” — that is, to make a fast and sudden movements towards an enemy.

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Is playing on 800 DPI worth it?

Absolutely. Benefits from playing on 800 DPI open up more opportunities to become better at CS:GO. First of all, by using lower DPI values you will be able to significantly boost your aim and movement skills. However, it will take some time to get used to it and maybe this won’t be your thing in the end.

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What CS:GO sensitivity to choose for 800 DPI? Pro players’ mouse sensitivity

A comparative analysis of the settings of professional players shows that most of them use low DPI values — from 400 to 800.

Professionals playing on 800 DPI use this in-game sensitivity:

  1. NAF: DPI - 800, CS:GO sensitivity - 0.6;
  2. coldzera: DPI - 800, CS:GO sensitivity - 1.0;
  3. sh1ro: DPI - 800, CS:GO sensitivity - 1.05;
  4. HObbit: DPI - 800, CS:GO sensitivity - 1.1;
  5. YEKINDAR: DPI - 800, CS:GO sensitivity - 1.23;
  6. Perfecto: DPI - 800, CS:GO sensitivity - 1.35.
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Now you know more about:

  • what DPI is;
  • where to find and how to set the DPI for playing CS:GO;
  • why you should switch to 800 DPI;
  • what settings are used by pros.

Setting your mouse sensitivity can be a decisive factor in your success in CS:GO. By knowing more about how DPI settings help you in finding your optimal mouse sensitivity, you will be able to set everything up to your liking and drastically boost your aiming and movement skills.

Good luck on the server!