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Different approaches of aim training. Guide by SCOPE.GG
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Different approaches of aim training. Guide by SCOPE.GG

Jay Rose
Jay Rose
6 min

Aim is one of the most important things in CS:GO, that`s why almost every player does have his own routine to find consistency in aiming and even make it better. Training routine can be different from one player to another because every training method has its own differences. Players need different approaches as well: one guy might be in need of spray training, other AWPing skills etc. For every weapon and type of shooting you have to create your own training routine (different maps and stuff) to make it as profitable as possible.

Aim training is very important if you want to be a good player

There are 3 different training methods for increasing your aim:

  • Deathmatch  - one of the most popular one. In this type of training you have to fight with real people on active duty maps (mostly, depending on servers you choose). Pros are usually spend a lot of time here, because its the easiest method to warmup yourself in a fast passion (all the duels you get will be almost the same as ones from your competitive games, as a result your positioning and mechanics will develop).
On deathmatch you will face every single player on the server, there are no allies
  • Bots - there are heaps of different mods and maps, so you surely will find maps you like. One of the most popular things to warmup is fragging static bots (it helps you improve aim to the head). Fragging moving bots is also popular. Third option is prefire maps. They were added quite recently (a couple of years ago) and players rate them very high.
Maps with bots are good for warm yourself up, but could be also great for routine training
  • Dots (targets) - there are not as many maps with targets, but they could be good for a certain part of your routine. Most of all players use them to improve their pistol aim and reaction.
Dots will test your reaction and make you faster. But it could be stressful

It is hard to say which option is the best one since it is very subjective. For some players deathmatch is the best option, for others it might be certain maps with bots or targets. We are strongly recommend you to try as many maps as possible, so you can choose the best ones for yourself and make your own training routine based on your experience.

Reaction training (targets)

The most popular map with targets is training aim csgo 2 . This map was designed for reaction improvement. The player has to choose weapon, level (distance between player and targets) and other details, such as dots size, their spawn time etc.

Steam Workshop::training_aim_csgo2

One of the most popular and effective modes here is intensive fast aiming. In this mode the player has to frag the dots as fast as he can. If the player wasn't fast enough or missed too many shots - the session will be over. If you are about to try this map for the first time we recommend you to set up bigger dots and make them smaller if you feel too easy. The good result is 150+ points.

Map overview by voo

Training with bots

There are some popular maps for players who like to warmup shooting bots. Those 2 are commonly used:

Aim Botz - classic training map. 90% of pros using it to warmup before the officials or faceit pugs. On this map bots are not moving, but if you like you can set them up differently and they will move. You can also add bots if their current amount is not enough for you. The popular mode here is time challenge where you have to kill as many bots as possible with the limited time.

For warming up pros usually use static bots and shoot them to their heads. It helps them feel their crosshair better and gain momentum.

Aim_botz map review

Fast Aim / Reflex Training - this map started being popular in 2016 because of ScreaM (the best onetapper in early CS:GO), because he loved to warmup there. The key feature of this map is its unique process: the player spawns into a small area like an island and the bots are running straight to him from different areas with knives. You can add or remove bots and enable god mode so they couldn't knife you.

How ScreaM used to practice on Reflex training. Back to 2016 :)

This map was being used only for aim training, but a couple of years ago some pros started to use it for spray training and AWP as well. It makes sense because the map is very concise and useful at the same time.

Maps with non-standard modes

By this we mean all the maps that have unusual content or certain unique modes: usually retakes, prefire practice or unique maps with changing waypoints, bots etc.

Training map by SCOPE.GG

Map created by SCOPE team for interesting and impactful training sessions. We know that a lot of maps make your training routine a bit boring (very boring sometimes), so we did a map that will not be boring for any player who uses it. The key feature of this map is changing scenarios - each run has its own random generation, so every run will be unique and hard.

Also, as the analytical service, we wanted to give our users some stats, that's why you can track your progress on the map by looking at your shooting stats after the run. It will help you understand your accuracy.

Try our training map - you will love it :)

CS:GO Training Map | Train aim, movement and reaction |Fully replayable|
The map will be generated anew for each run out of elements. Each time the positions of objects on the map and enemies will be different, forcing you to constantly adapt to the situation and not letting you get bored.
Training map by SCOPE.GG and its description

YPrac prefire maps

YPrac maps are very good for training your positional mechanics. You can choose any map from active map pool and practice on it, how to clear angles etc. You will feel yourself more confident in your pug games later.

There are a lot of modes on YPrac, but the most interesting one is prefire practice

Any surf, bhop or KZ map

Do not forget about movement training. A lot of players did not spend a lot of time on bhops or surfs and they experience some problems in case of movement in their games. Movement is very important, because if you are good in it you can rotate faster etc. We are strongly recommend to spend some time to make your movement better, 20-30 minutes a day would be enough.

Movement is a key

In CS:GO you can find heaps of different maps and modes for training. Your training routine is your own medicine, so only you can decide which maps will be used. Best way to find your perfect routine is to try as many maps as possible and use the best ones afterwards for your practice. Good luck!

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