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CS2 Prematch analytics by SCOPE.GG: win a match before it starts. Guide by SCOPE.GG
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CS2 Prematch analytics by SCOPE.GG: win a match before it starts. Guide by SCOPE.GG

slydeR, SCOPE.GG
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Analysis in CS2 lets you “read” the enemy at different levels of play. The ability to analyze the situation and the opponent’s strategy gives you an advantage in choosing a position when attacking one of the bomb plants.

Want to get the most information about enemies in your FACEIT matches to “destroy” them with prefires like on the video?

We’ll tell you about Prematch analytics by SCOPE.GG — the ultimate tool which helps you gain knowledge about how your enemies play before the match starts.

How does CS2 Prematch analytics work?

Analytic algorithm by SCOPE.GG collects data about strategies that your enemies often use on FACEIT - read more about how to start playing on FACEIT here.
When a player finds a FACEIT match, they have 5 minutes of warmup. During that time, our Prematch analytics service analyzes the last 5 games of each player in the match room. The algorithm determines common positions of CTs, push scenarios, timings and patterns in many situations: "full-buys" (AWP and rifles), "eco-rounds" and "force-buys" included.

Prematch Analytics by SCOPE.GG

Push analytics and possible positions of enemies

The algorithm allows to automatically find possible positions of CTs and shows weapons that they will most likely use in those positions.

Probability of an enemy being in a certain position is displayed on a color range: the “warmer” the color of a position is, the more often an enemy can be expected there. For example, the most probable (90% chance) positions will be displayed as orange or red.

Agression & possible CT positions

Prematch analytics by SCOPE.GG helps to determine the probability of a position being pushed, as well as the timing and the type of players weapons. Thus, you can be prepared for a push of a certain position, let’s say, during an eco-round.

  • The service uses the ranking of information about the enemy depending on the role of each of the players: Sniper or Rifler;
  • Information about the players is based on their last 5 matches played;
  • As the current stage of development, only the CT-side is analyzed.

How to use Prematch analytics?

As of now, Prematch analytics is available via SCOPE Prematch subscription, you can get it on the site for $7.99.

  1. Register on the site by following the link - CS2 Stats Service and clicking the “FACEIT” button at the top right corner of the page.
SCOPE.GG Main page

2. Sign up or log in to FACEIT.

Login with FACEIT

3. After the registration on the site, click on your avatar at the top right corner of the page and go to the “Subscription” tab.

Account Settings on SCOPE.GG

4. In the new window choose SCOPE Prematch. Finish subscribing by following a payment method’s instructions.

Subscription types on SCOPE.GG

5. After you’re subscribed, use the service by clicking on the “Prematch analytics” tab on the left side of the site.

SCOPE.GG Prematch Analytics

6. To analyze enemies, you should copy the link to the FACEIT lobby (in the format of after selecting the server and the map.

Now you can easily learn more about how your enemies play with Prematch analytics.

How to benefit from using Prematch analytics?

Some players love to push from different positions on a map specifically as a CT. You can use it against them by waiting in an unexpected position. A player may figure out an optimal style of a positional play to counter an enemy, use relevant nades or even plan a tactic for the round with gained information in mind.

Here, lasve has an average probability of pushing B apps. You can see it in the Prematch analytics dashboard:

Agressive player's style in Prematch Analytics

And here swodi has no information about enemies probable movements, so they don’t expect a CT player when coming to B site:

Match Replay on SCOPE.GG

You can watch the whole replay of this moment on SCOPE.GG.

Have a look at the terrorist’s POV:

This is how swodi, that left the team in the minority, could’ve played differently: take a position at the exit from the Apartments or in the Corridor, throw a Molotov in the Underground to prevent a possible push, or play more confidently by waiting for the enemy at the exit of the TV.

Prematch Analytics is avalaible in a trial version. Learn more here!

Trial version of Prematch Analytics

CS2 Prematch analytics by SCOPE.GG is an efficient tool to improve your game and to understand your enemy. With it you can:

  • Get to know more about enemies’ movements around the map
  • Recognise the pattern of the match and find out possible positions of CTs
  • Learn to “read” your opponent in the early stages of the game
  • Use the information to improve your own game

Feel the game with SCOPE Prematch Analytics!

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